Extra Curricular Activities

Mastermind endeavors to generate a pleasant sense of balance between academic requirements, games, and cultural programs.

Consequently, we present an array of clubs and activities and all students are expected to take part in the supplementary activities.

Mastermind offers extracurricular activities through the following clubs:

  • Mastermind Sports Club
  • Mastermind MUN Club
  • Mastermind Business Club
  • Mastermind Newsletter Club
  • Mastermind Community Services Club
  • Mastermind Science Society
  • Mastermind Debate Club
  • Mastermind Cultural Club

Have you ever thought why people do sports? Absolutely, many people seem not to know the reasons. As a anecdote, there are many people who do sports for nothing around us. Everyday we can encounter with these people. They regularly do sports; however, none of them realizes the benefits and importance of sports. In fact, vice versa, some people want to be fit and attractive, look smart. Unfortunately, these people can’t consider other benefits of sports. In my opinion, there are several benefits of sports that people often do not consider: sports are required to be healthy people, are needed for enjoyment, and a great refreshment to come out from the studies. Sports help the students to concentrate more on studies.

Mastermind Sports Club (MMSC) organizes sports events for the students yearly to make the students enjoy the school life as a whole. MMSC is one of the biggest and prestigious club of Mastermind as it organizes one of the most successful event every academic year, the Annual Sports Day. Annual Sports Day almost involves each and everyone of the school to participate in this event, starting from students, teachers, in-charges and staffs too. Other than this there is Intra Indoor Tournament which occurs yearly in both the branches Uttara and Dhanmondi. In every 2 or 3 years MMSC organizes Intra Football Tournament which involves students of both the branches which gives them a great opportunity to be united and they all really enjoys the event day. In 2017, our school has participated in like 4 interschool football tournaments which are ITHSSC 2017, DIFT 2017, Junior ITHSSC and GH Cup 2017. Mastermind U19 team was unfortunately knocked out from ITHSSC 17 due to goal difference and in GH Cup they played ruthlessly in the group stage but again the curse of Mastermind getting knocked out in the Semis continued. The Dhanmondi branch only organizes intra basketball tournament and intra badminton tournament every year as the Uttara branch don’t have any empty space or field to host these events.

MMSC will always try to put all their efforts down to make each and every event happen successfully in the future.

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization tasked to promote international cooperation and to create and maintain international order. After the death of 6 million people in WW2 the UN was formed as a replacement for the ineffective League of Nations to prevent another such conflict.

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational stimulation and/or academic activity in which you can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities, it is usually considered an extracurricular activity. Participation in Model UN is meant to foster negotiation, speaking and communication skills. In addition, crisis committees, which deal with crisis scenarios which can be contemporary or historical, you can develop leadership skills and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations.

Model United Nations is practiced in Bangladesh since 2002. The first MUN to take place was the Model United nations on Combatting Terrorism – Bangladesh Model United Nations 2002. Since then, plenty of Model United Nations conferences have been held in the country. But the concept of MUN became a popular one in Bangladesh from 2013.

Students from Mastermind English Medium School have already participated in quite a lot of MUNs. Among them are alumni, Ahnaf Muqset Haque who has won three awards and Afsanul Hasib who has won two.

Need to collect from Dhanmondi as the club is more practice in that campus.

You might not see us expressing our work through actions  because we express our work through words .The game of pen and pencil gets strong when Mastermind Newsletter Club sits on the throne. We motivate  young minds  to pen down their thoughts and express their hearts through vivid stream of words. Mastermind Newsletter Club (MMNLC), we are the backbenchers, the observers , noting in silence , trying to make a portrait  with the color of the events , that remain as an emblem perennially .

Working as a team with unbeatable unity has always been our formula . And that clearly showed up when we shook hands and managed to renovate the centre of attraction of the school, the Entrance and Motivational board with all our heart .These are not only mere boards but a ride down the memory lane , especially  the ones that define the glory of Mastermind.

Mastermind Newsletter Club is not only about writings but the all day hard work whenever an event shows up. From reporting  at all the events, making quizzes and puzzles  for Science fair to giving away relief along with the Community members, there is not a single event left unattended by the Newsletter Club. It has also been a pleasure for  MMNLC  to rejoice the collaboration of the Uttara and Dhanmondi branch as a whole in the Mastermind Business Fest , 2017 organized  by Dhanmondi division.

The MMNLC  Photographers have not missed a shot to capture  those ecstatic smiles throughout all the events .And what about our enthusiastic  reporters, collecting pieces of experience at  the Bangabandhu  National Museum or at the mouthwatering Food Festival ? While everyone was  having an experience of a lifetime , we were there to make sure the memories got captured and later on cherished as a souvenir of happiness forever .They say , pain is temporary and glory is forever. When the hard work ends and Mastermind Maestros manage to hold the glory and the School’s pride together , truly all the work pays off.

Throughout the  year, our writers try to gather  every bit and create a Yearly Newsletter that is solely published by the Newsletter Club .

The Mastermind  Newsletter Club not only unfolds the events of Mastermind but creates exceptional  memories, never to forget.

Mastermind Community Service Club is the club which have accomplished a lot of tasks in all the events of Mastermind school and it promises to do more and more in the upcoming events. It also promises to do more for the society in the near future as it loves to do so.starting from food festival to science fair and all our donation programs, all the members of the club have worked really hard to make all those events a success. The aim of our club is to help the needy people out there by donation and to make our our club and school a prime example of helping hand. We thank our school authority who are kind enough to provide us with such responsibilities and to give us a chance to help people and gain work experience from such tasks.

The clubwishes to help the disadvantaged people in many ways. Food festival event is one of the ways. How? Well, we arrange a fest where we sell foods of various items to students of Mastermind. However the price of each food is kept high than usual price so that with the profit we can help the people in need of it. It usually takes 2 -4 times in a session.

Since late August, more than half a million Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh from Myanmar. Bangladeshi government has responded to this crisis in partnership with national and international organizations but it wasn’t enough to support the day to day needs of the refugees. So we, MCSC decided to help the Rohingyas. With the help of many enthusiastic volunteers, we started collecting donations from junior, middle and senior sections. We worked tirelessly to get our message to all the younger students, encouraging then to think of others and help the refugees in their time of need. The response from the students  was overwhelming. Within a week, we were able to collect 50 large boxes clothes, food items (biscuits, puffed rice, flattened rice), medicines, emergency items, drinking water, etc. soon our donations were sent off to the refugees in Cox’s Bazaar with the help of local organization. As hard as the work was, the end result was gratifying. Even though our small donations were not enough for the crisis, but we believe our small actions made a big difference in someone’s life.

In the recent flood disaster which took place in Bangladesh, many lives were lost and the citizens of the country faced loss of shelter and assets. Thousands of people were helpless due to the natural disaster. A friend in need is a friend indeed – Mastermind wanted to keep alive this proverb by helping the flood victims. Hence, Mastermind Community Service Club stepped forward for the victims and tried to help them in every possible way. That indeed was very pleasing.

Mastermind Community Service Club also attempts to spread support to all other events held in Mastermind like Science Fair, Sports Day and many other occasions. Hopefully by following the footsteps of the seniors, other batches will also seal a trademark of hard work, teamwork and success.

Mastermind indeed has students with powerful minds, and most of them are awaiting for the suppressed scientists inside them to be unleashed; The Science Society (MMSS) gives their heart and soul, since 2015, to spot these talented individuals, encourage and develop them, and let them showcase the product of their creativity.

The MMSS organizes one of the extravagant intra-school events, The Science Fair, with attractive sub-events, such as, Olympiads, Project Display, Riddle Race and more. Moreover, we think of the students with business background as well;They can participate in Public Speaking and Turncoat. These events not only allow the students to display their passion, but to extend their knowledge and boundaries in the field of science as well.

Furthermore, The MMSS is aiming to present more events, City Clean-up Project, presentation on natural disasters, and First aid training as we roll down the year. We hope this will not only raise awareness amongst the students but also help them grow up as responsible citizens.

Lastly, We, The MMSS, aim to give opportunity to the students of Mastermind to acquire and polish their excellence in Science, in addition, to provide our beloved Bangladesh with profound nation builders.

Whenever we talk about a certain issue, what we normally do is take the ethical side and stick to it no matter what the other side. Think about suicide for example. Normally, people will always condemn the action but a debater will always think on both sides of the coin. Instead of going all ethical, he/she will look into the psychology of the person and emphasize on the fact that when a person is sad, only he/she can solve their own problems.

Debate teaches you to think from different perspectives. It enables you to characterize scenarios and paint a vivid picture of the situation in hand with nothing but words. Words being said in a beautiful symphony in a matter of 8 minutes, and sometimes 5 minutes. Trust me, the sport isn’t just two teams arguing about just any issue. And Mastermind Debating Society ( MMDS ) exists to prove you why.

MMDS is not a club like the rest ECA clubs. We are a family. We are a legion. Whenever we believe in something, we go on and do it because we have the willpower and strength to do so. Nothing comes out talking about an issue but in my opinion, the key is to understand, discuss and assess. MMDS will elevate you to heights where you’ll be able to talk in terms of supporting and opposing perspectives of one topic; you will get the best team mates who’ll be there to aid you in the most wholesome manner and yes, debate memes are amazing. Not because of the self depreciation in each post, but because you can relate to every post crucially. And this tells you once you are a debater, you’ll be making special bonds with other debaters who’ll cherish you for a long time.

MMDS has been conquering South East Asia for a VERY, and I mean, VERY long time. Since 2006, the Legion has had members of the likes of Reefat Aziz, Shaadmaan Siddiqui, Nazm Us Sadat, TaufiqAzam, WarishZaman and last but not least, the best highschool debater of Bangladesh 2017, Zaid Idris. You may say that I am being narcissistic here but I’ll list some of out achievements.  In July 2011, Team Mastermind was ranked among the top-16 teams at the Asians Schools Debate Championship, at Seoul. In 2016, our very own WarishZaman went on to represent Bangladesh in World’s School Debating Competition (WSDC), and in 2017, both, Warish and Zaid went to WSDC as team BD. In addition, Zaid ranked in the top 25 English as a second language speakers from around the world in WSDC 2017. Am I stopping? Nope. IUB ascensions 2017 was where we hosted out flag every other team. And recently, we have also sent a team to Cornell University, Ithaca, NY to attend the Alfred Tuna Snider WSDT.

So, do you want to dare defy the stereotypes and carry the flame of the legion? I know you do. So, come, join us and bring glory to Mastermind. Bring glory to your individuality!

Mastermind Cultural Club

While most English medium schools promote learning many foreign languages and customs, the Mastermind School encourages, inspires and promotes the Bengali culture and heritage. Unlike many international schools which are franchises, joint ventures or just schools focusing on teaching foreign traditions, Mastermind tries to preserve the Bengali culture. The students are exposed to the rich traditions of our country by attending and organizing events that commemorate our National heritage. We acknowledge and appreciate the importance of our own blood. Therefore, to make the students realize the true essence of Bangladeshi ethics, the Bangladeshi ethics, the Cultural Club of the Mastermind School takes the responsibility to bring forth this realization.

The Cultural Club is one the biggest and busiest clubs of Mastermind that works hard to make the audience smile to our efforts throughout the whole event. The club organizes cultural events starting from our Victory Day to the PahelaBaishakh, each academic year, and participates in other extra-curricular events like Bangla Olympiad. All the events organized by the club encourages the students to engage in performing in the music and dance performances, in the art competitions, or just working behind the curtains to ensure the other events have a dazzling decoration. This determined and hard-working club organizes cultural events that are listed below:

On the 21st February each year, processions carrying slogans start the day, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The honorable Principal and teachers place flowers on the ShaheedMinar made by the students, walking bare foot. Afterwards, students come and place flowers on the ShaheedMinar to honer the martyrs. Music and dance performances commemorating the day take place, along with Bangla essay writing and art competition. After the competitions and performance  segments are completed, prize-giving ceremony is held, that awards aspiring writers and artists with certificates, medals and gifts.

26th march, our glorious independence day, the day starts with flag raising and opening ceremony that includes vibrant music and dance programs, plays and art competitions. Moreover, food festival and “BijoyMela” and enhance events.

The Bengali New Year, fondly known as “PohelaBoishakh”, is the biggest festival of Bangladesh that brings together the whole nation in a festive and colorful mood. So, to celebrate this big day, Mastermind’s Cultural Club brings the best grandly organizing event in BICC. The dance and music performances are performed by the students of all classes, while the plays are done by the A-level students. To enhance the festivities even more, a big fair is held, where food stalls by the students and teachers themselves are set up, selling mouth-watering delicacies, along with beautiful handicrafts being sold in the fair. To entertain the younger folks and the elder ones, there are rides like “Nagordola”. Also face painting done by the Art teachers and amazing masks sold and loved by the students. Parents, too enjoy the whole program and fondly appreciate the works of the club.

Our triumphant Victory Day is celebrated by the club organizing music and dance performances and plays. Art and essay writing competitions take place along with respective prize giving ceremony, that encourages all students to participate in all events.

The Cultural Club also helps in the decorations of other events of other clubs, such as in Science Fair and Annual Sports Day. The club members put their hearts and souls to bring forth such prestigious events with great success and to preserve Mastermind’s legacy of preserving the National heritage.