MEMS has been committed to global learning long before it became an indispensable feature of contemporary education. Established in 1997, we proudly stand as the 1st English medium school in Bangladesh to adopt both Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum (in O and A levels), drawing together students in a vibrant, academically challenging, and encouraging environment where manifold viewpoints are prized and celebrated.

Our education and learning are chiefly befitting to the ingenious, shared, multidisciplinary, and inquisitive ways that pupils learn best: our students are equipped for a world that requires their universal awareness, interest, empathy, and eagerness to exploit their gifts in service to others. Students here put together their self-confidence, their skills, and their sense of identity.

MEMS is strongly devoted to uphold high-quality learning. Therefore, skilled, experienced and trained faculties are hired to provide a more diverse, motivating and elevating learning experience for learners. High standards are maintained through intensive and comprehensive training programs. To employ recent teaching techniques, rigorous supervision is offered to the teachers. Our teachers are generally graduate or post-graduate degree holders in their relevant subjects from renowned universities from home and abroad. Our teachers regularly participate in professional training, in-house workshops and teaching skill course offered by Edexcel and CIE.

The school's facilities include libraries and science and computer laboratories. We have well-equipped Chemistry, Physics and Biology Laboratories to offer hands-on experience essential for enhanced understanding of scientific ideas. Each building of MEMS has a library with a significant number of books. The School has computer labs in the senior and junior buildings.

MEMS endeavors to build a pleasant sense of balance between scholastic demands, sports, and cultural activities. So, we offer a number of clubs and activities and our pupils are encouraged to join in extracurricular activities. The students are also motivated to involve themselves in non-academic ventures. They may participate in activities such as YES Program, Model United Nations, debate competitions, Olympiads and various national and international competitions.