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MMSC will always try to put all their efforts down to make each and every event happen successfully in the future.


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It offers both Edexcel and Cambridge International curriculum, by means of English as the medium of instruction.

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Most of the Mastermind students enter into reputed universities at home and around the globe after graduating.

Welcome to Mastermind

MEMS has been committed to global learning long before it became an indispensable feature of contemporary education. Established in 1997, we proudly stand as the 1st English medium school in Bangladesh to adopt both Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum (in O and A levels), drawing together students in a vibrant, academically challenging, and encouraging environment where manifold viewpoints are prized and celebrated.

Our education and learning are chiefly befitting to the ingenious, shared, multidisciplinary, and inquisitive ways that pupils learn best: our students are equipped for a world that requires their universal awareness, interest, empathy, and eagerness to exploit their gifts in service to others. Students here put together their self-confidence, their skills, and their sense of identity.

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